Willkommen beim Council of World Elders | Healing the Earth for World Peace 
Natur mit Wasserfall
Hunbatz Men Galsan Tschinag Masaru Emoto Karin Tag Mohan Rai Maile Ngema Lama
Swami Isa Lama Tshewang Dorje Bob Randall Don Pedro Guerra Gonzales Sepp Holzer Reza Maschajechi

Armin Risi

Philosopher and author,



„It is a great joy and encouragement to see the founding of a Council of World Elders. The indigenous peoples give an example of true forgiveness as only universal forgiveness and learning can help us to heal the wounds of the past, and to secure our survival as a whole. The indigenous peoples guard a line of wisdom which connects our remote past to our imminent future. Part of this re-connection is our newly awakening remembrance of the spiritual origin of mankind as well as the understanding that we humans are both cosmic and divine beings. With the legacy of the ancient cultures, human history can be re-written, and in this regard, the ethnological museum of the Council will be of historic significance. The change of consciousness thus ensued will be the base of a new, harmonic co-operation between the indigenous traditions, the religions, and holistic science – for the benefit of Planet Earth, all plants and animals as well as the present human family and the generations to come.“