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Don Pedro Guerra Gonzales, Peru

Already in 2004 Don Pedro Guerra Gonzales started a project to reforest medicinal plants, campaigning for a lasting use of the gigantic rainforests in the Amazon. He created in his camp a garden with approx. 80 varieties of medicinal plants and trees thus trying to preserve important medicinal plants of the rainforest.

Don Pedro is a tree shaman. Tree shamans receive their spiritual knowledge from the spirits of the ancient jungle giants. Tree shamans are the representatives of the wisdom of the old world; they are able to express the spirit of the medical people of the healing traditions most forcefully. In the hierarchy of healing traditions in the Amazon they are the highest-ranking healers, they have the greatest powers. The old cultures in the Amazon did not know books; educational methods were geared to sharpen the senses over years with sophisticated, hard diets thus enabling the disciples to dialogue with the forces of nature using supernatural skills.

As a member of the Council of World Elders Don Pedro Guerra Gonzales is a representative of the peruvian rainforest.