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Bob Randall, Australia

Bob Randall passed away May 12 2015.


Bob Randall is a “Tjilpi,” a special teaching uncle and elder of the Yankunytjatjara Nation and Anangu People.


Born in the central desert bush around 1929, he and his family have been the traditional carers of Uluru, the great monolith described as the “Red Heart” of Australia for many 1000’s of years. He is an international educator, author, story-song composer and singer, subject of several documentary films, and recipient of numerous humanitarian and peace awards, including Indigenous Person of the Year.


As a member of The Stolen Generations, his song, „My Brown Skin Baby“ brought international attention to the plight of many thousands of half-caste children forcibly removed from their families by order of the Australian government.


“Uncle Bob,” as he is affectionately known, speaks and teaches about “Kanyini,” the Aboriginal “Anangu” philosophy of living in peace and harmony with unconditional love and responsibility for self, the environment, and all life.


As Uncle Bob says, “Kanyini is unconditional love and being responsible. It is my responsibility to look after every living being on earth with love.”