Willkommen beim Council of World Elders | Healing the Earth for World Peace 
Natur mit Wasserfall
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Johannes Frischknecht

artist and cultural engineer,



“Our global situation and our inner state, the fact that we could die with a pure conscience in the blink of an eye, require the transformation of an egocentric to a holistic view of life. If we don’t respect living beings as our brothers and sisters, as it is taught in every world religion, how can we be able to change our inner and outer world? The real holy war is to fight against our ignorance, intolerance, shortsightedness and egocentric. This kind of war remains in our control, it is exactly this kind of war we can win, in all other wars we, the animals, the children, mothers, sons, fathers and nature are nothing but losers! In pride, confidence, in our vision quest, in our readiness to die for the truth, as well as in other true skills native warriors possess, while fighting for the benefit of all, we can find the only reason for being a true warrior in modern times. The one, who just searches for Buddha, God, Allah and the Great Spirit outside of himself, will only find mortality and never the inner Guru, the real God, who is deeply veiled in our awareness; Allah, the one with the hundredth name, which can never be expressed. The one, who just preaches division instead of solidarity among cultures, religions and races, will dissociate from the collective, resulting in a schizophrenic, lonely and desperate egocentrism.


We must learn to appreciate the one planet we live on as our precious Mother Earth. Earth, water, heat (fire), air and space do never belong to us, no multinational force is allowed to manipulate poor and indigent people to make profit for a chosen few. Why don’t we teach little children interconnection and a holistic view of life instead of war? From that moment I was able to talk, I have been a warrior. My war is a war against injustice and selfishness and it is based on the equality of all cultures, races and religions. We all can learn from each other! We are a huge social collective and this is also the message of my mandalas I have been painting for more than 50 years now. They are my expression of the battle as a warrior for truth! I live in Europe, in Asia, for 40 years now I have been studying the Tibetan Buddhism, I have lived in Africa (Senegal) for 7 years and I’m in possession of 3 citizenships, but despite of it I only prefer to be a global citizen. My wife is a faithful Muslim and I am proud of having such a truthful wife. I love every Christian without blinders, with a love for all beings in his heart and my own heart beats for all traditional Native Americans, who walk the path of the Great Spirit!”