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Save the Guarani People


Harald Glööckler supports the campaign ‚Save the Guaraní People‘

guarani1In a moving video appeal Harald Glööckler asks for support for the Guarani people.
Please join us by writing a letter to the Minister of Justice of Brazil.
The Council of World Elders thanks Harald Glööckler for supporting the operation: Save the Guarani People.

Appeal from Global Advisors Nina Hagen und Karin Tag transmitted on radioeins Berlin.

hagen tag



Please write a letter in support of the Guarani people.

For the Guarani-Kaiowá the land is the source of all life. Ranchers have taken nearly all of the territory of the Guarani by force and devastated their land. Their children are dying and their leaders are being killed. Many hundreds have comitted suicide.


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How can I help?

1. Please write a letter to the Minister of Justice of Brazil.

Please download and print out the attached sample letter (Word).

Alternatively you can copy and paste the contents of the letter (see under FAQ). You may have to adjust the colour to ‘black‘.

Your letter can save lives.


DownloadSave the Guarani people sample letter.doc
Microsoft Word Document [24.5 KB]

    Relief Action: Save the Guarani

    2. Please sign your name on our Online-form. This form will be handed over to the Brazilian government.

    With the handover we shall demand immediate steps to protect the territory of the Guarani-Kaiowá.

    You are allowed to add my name to the list ‘Save the Guarani people’ to be handed over to the Brazilian government. *


    I would like to be kept informed about this operation by the Council of World Elders. *


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    Will my letter have any effect?
    Yes. In the past such letters have shown repeatedly that governments react positively. Politics were changed and lives saved.
    Why should the letter be in your native language?
    Letters written in a different language show that people from all over the world care for the indigenous peoples. It impresses. Our experience shows that due to keywords the letters are understood and even answered.
    How should I send my letter, fax, e-mail, or through the post office?
    Letters sent through the post office show best results. If there is a realistic chance, we sometimes pass on e-mail addresses or fax numbers. But e-mail addresses change and fax machines can be cut off. If possible please use the post office.


    What does the sample letter say?
    Your name
    and address



    Dr José Eduardo Cardozo

    Ministerio da Justiça

    Esplanada dos Ministerios, Bloco T

    Brasilia DF 70064-900





    Dear Sir,

    I am very concerned about the situation of the Guarani people in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul. Most of them have been herded together in small reservations with not enough land, making it impossible for them to take care of themselves. The overcrowded conditions have fatal effects: high suicide rates, consumption of alcohol, violence within the reservations as well as severe malnutrition in the children.

    I ask you to initiate immediate steps for the identification and demarcation of the territory the Guarani-Kaiowá are entitled to. The prolonged procrastination in granting them the land they are entitled to endangers their health and welfare. Therefore I fear a continuing deterioration of their situation, which could consequently lead to the complete loss of their land rights.

    Yours sincerely,

    guarani25 guarani26